FILE - In this Dec. 6, 2016 file photo, Richard Spencer, who leads a movement that mixes racism, white nationalism and populism, speaks at the Texas A&M University campus in College Station, Texas. The Montana-based National Policy Institute, run by Spencer, who popularized the term “alternative right,” is among groups of the white nationalist movement with tax-exempt status. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip, File)

Country That Survived Nazism, Communism Condemns Uber Idiot Neo Nazi’s Talk There

White nationalist Richard Spencer may have a right to spew his venom under the First Amendment in the U.S., but that doesn’t every country or state will permit him to speak. Take Poland for instance. Spencer was invited to deliver a Polish Independence Day talk in that respective country (what the heck does he know about Polish independence?), but their Ministry of Foreign Affairs weighed in and announced their opposition to his visit there:

He is expected to speak at this event on November 10th, per Facebook.

The American Jewish Center’s Warsaw outpost issued this appropriate statement in response to Spencer’s prospective visit:

“Spencer’s views strike not only the Jewish community or other minority groups,” Agnieszka Markiewicz, director of the AJC Central European office, said in her call to Polish authorities, which was published in a Polish daily newspaper. “The hatred that Spencer and his followers proclaim is a threat to all who are close to the values of human rights and democracy.

“We call on the organizers to remove his name from the list of participants in the planned meeting, and the authorities to support this call.”

This is the same country, much like my ancestral homeland, that survived both Nazism and Soviet Communism. The Eastern Bloc doesn’t tolerate views like this–given their history. Let’s hope the Polish people teach this guy a lesson in history.

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