Courts, California, and the Wall: Ted Cruz is Having a Great Week

Last week I wrote about Ted Cruz’ support in the battle against religious discrimination in Missouri, and my colleague Autumn Price told you Wednesday about Cruz’ plan to make El Chapo pay for Trump’s border wall. Apparently the Senator from Texas wasn’t finished making headlines, as he’s now floating a plan to break up the troublesome 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

The 9th Circuit, which boasts a whopping 18 judges appointed by Democrats, has seemingly thrown judicial independence to the wind. Besides being the most consistently overruled court in the nation, the 9th circuit is not even pretending to be impartial and nonpartisan in their dealings with President Trump. As Zachary Werrell wrote yesterday, “the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is…the most egregious weaponization of government the Left currently wields.” Apparently, Ted Cruz has had enough.

Yesterday on The Jack Riccardi Show suggested that Congress may need to considering breaking up the 9th Circuit, a process that would start in the Senate Judiciary Committee. The issue stems partly from the fact that California, the left’s liberal wonderland, is destroying the 9th Circuit for the other states within its jurisdiction. Cruz pointed out that those states are “weighed down” by California’s influence on the court.

“California has a ton of very liberal, left-wing judges that they put on the 9th Circuit. I think a lot of the other Western states would love to be freed from that corrosive left-wing influence.”

Judicial activism has become a cancer within our political system, one which is incredibly difficult to deal with. Obviously President Trump’s appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court is a great first step, but the Obama administration appointed huge numbers of judges to lower courts over the past 8 years, many of whom are unapologetically judicial activists. This would serve as a phenomenal opportunity for Congress to exercise one of the few Constitutional checks on judicial tyranny.

The 9th Circuit has been a particular thorn in the President’s side, serving as essentially a hyper-partisan blockade against Donald Trump. Senator Cruz is already bailing out the President on his seemingly abandoned promise to make Mexico pay for the wall, and now he could be a key voice in guiding the President’s agenda through our judicial system. This unique relationship is not one that anyone would have envisioned last June when Cruz failed to explicitly endorse Trump at the convention, but it is one that I think both Cruz and Trump supporters are happy to see. I think it is fair to say Senator Cruz is having a pretty good week.



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