Crump and Trump Compete for Voters

Dave Weigel has your must read of the day covering the way Cruz and Trump compete for the same voters.

Cruz is all applause lines; Trump just talks. The Texan, who at this point is unquestionably the best traditional orator in the Republican Party, speaks two kinds of sentences — applause lines and jokes. He often runs down a list, transforming into a human Buzzfeed, a guaranteed method of keeping an audience rapt. This is not a new trick; I have seen him hold audiences with lists of “conservative victories,” and in Myrtle Beach it became a list of “times for choosing.”

Trump does not do this. Trump rambles. Trump steps on lines that could, untrammeled, become applause lines. This is not because he is bad at speaking, and from time to time, he obviously is repeating a thought to make sure it connects. “We need borders,” he said in Myrtle Beach. “If you don’t have borders, you don’t have a country. Right now, we don’t have a country.” Cruz is happy to say that, as one of his action items, Americans “finally, finally secure our southern border.”

It is a really interesting read. Go read it.

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