Cruz and Rubio Closing in on Trump As New Hampshire Approaches

Quinnipiac has a new poll out.* The polling data comes completely after the Iowa results. It shows Cruz and Rubio both headed toward Donald Trump. But, interestingly, Cruz and Trump have high negatives while Rubio has high positives.

Trump is at 31%, Cruz is at 22%, and Rubio is at 19%. Every other Republican candidate is in single digits.

Cruz and Trump are virtually tied with self-identified tea party voters and Trump leads Cruz by three points with evangelicals. Interestingly enough, Trump is crushing it with men, but Cruz beats both Trump and Rubio with women.

The mostly startling result is that 52% of voters say they could still change their minds.

Also, 30% of voters say they would absolutely not vote for Trump, which suggests that, like in Iowa, there could be a discernible “Against Trump” vote at the polls.

* It is a national poll. When I first wrote it, I said New Hampshire.

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