Cruz and Rubio Provide Post-Castro Clarity

As insane as I find it that some people are actually mourning Castro’s death, I must admit, it’s kinda nice to have a controversy that only marginally involves Trump, Clinton or Obama.

Nothing helps unify the left and right against each other like the death of a socialist dictator and Fidel’s demise fell at particularly timely moment. His departure to warmer climes has allowed us a break from post-election internecine warfare to focus on the lefts’ fascination with tyranny.

The perfect view of this juxtaposition can be seen by comparing the statements of Senators Rubio & Cruz (see video below) regarding Castro’s death with those of Outgoing President Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau.

Cruz and Rubio know of what they speak. Both are the sons of Cuban immigrants and they understand personally the nature of Fidel’s despotic legacy. Their family members quite literally bare the scars of the revolution, Castro’s broken promises and his despotic legacy.

As Senator Cruz said, mourning the loss of Fidel is akin to crying at the deaths of Pol Pot, Mao or Stalin. These despots murdered, tortured and oppressed countless people during the term of their power. Castro’s legacy is of the same type and differs only in degree.

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