Cruz Derangement Syndrome Goes Spanish

This is where Cruz Derangement Syndrome kicks in.

For months now, people who hate Ted Cruz have called him a cold, calculating, inauthentic self-promoter whose only principle is to his own advancement.

They believe that Rubio or some other candidate is the great savior and authentic conservative and Cruz the anti-conservative politician who will say or do anything to get elected.

And he is a liar.

So, given this caricature of Cruz that so many of his opponents have bought in to, it is really funny they don’t think he can speak Spanish. Wouldn’t a guy who would say or do anything to get elected go out and learn Spanish before running for office?

Cruz made sure he could be conversation in Spanish before running.

His opponents can say that just confirms he really will say or do anything to get elected. So how then can’t he beat Hillary Clinton?

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