Cruz on Syria: Impossible Options

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is spending time with his constituents during the Congressional recess, and during an interview with NBC’s Julie Fine addressed the situation in Syria.

“We are trapped between impossible options,” Cruz said. “On one hand, Bashar al-Assad is a monster … on the other hand, the opposition … are radical Islamic terrorists. They are people like al-Qaida, al-Nusra terrorists. They are even worse … The worst outcome would be to topple Assad and to see those chemical weapons fall into the hands of ISIS or al-Qaida”.

Unlike many of his Congressional counterparts, Cruz stopped short of either second-guessing President Trump’s actions or offering advice regarding the next move. Instead – in the “we need to follow the established process” manner which has become a trademark of the Senator and fellow Constitutionalists – he seemed to defer to the Trump administration for determining which path to follow.

“I look forward to the commander-in-chief laying out a vision, presenting a plan to the American people, to Congress about how we go forward and protect our national security interests.”

Cruz did, however, lay some basic groundwork for how he believes that vision should be developed, saying, “the central lodestar for any U.S. military involvement must be protecting the vital national security interests of the United States.”

The portion of the interview which aired on Dallas/Fort Worth’s NBC 5  may be viewed here.

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