Republican presidential candidate, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, addresses the crowd during an election night watch party Tuesday, March 1, 2016, in Stafford, Texas. Behind Sen. Cruz is Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, right, and Heidi Cruz and his daughters at left. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)

Cruz or Die Trying

Marco Rubio’s campaign is no more.

Kasich will win Ohio.

Trump will win most of the states, but in delegates, Ted Cruz is the only one who can hold him. It is still mathematically possible for Cruz to get beyond 1,237 delegates. He will perform well in Utah and Wisconsin and has a solid ground game.

It is clear the attacks on Trump are working and can be increased even more. The trouble with #NeverTrump is that the field has been amazingly divided.

That divide must end tonight.

There is a way to stop Trump. But that way is rallying to Ted Cruz. That is the only option at this point. The question is whether those who have pledged to be #NeverTrump are willing to join with Ted Cruz.

The Cruz campaign must be diplomatic, kind, and build bridges. It is on them too. They cannot think going forward that people are just going to naturally rally to Cruz. Cruz and his supporters must be kind and gracious winners willing to build an expansive coalition to stop Donald Trump.

This burden is on all of us now. Ted Cruz can set an important tone tonight with his message and I expect he will. His campaign is the only way to stop Donald Trump now.

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