Cruz Wants To Show The UN Who’s In Charge, Defund Until 2334 Is Repealed

We’ve had enough of Imperial Presidents. Congress is in charge of the purse, and can set policy based on that. If the UN doesn’t like it, they can do what Congress demands or live without American taxpayers’ money.

Today, the House of Representatives will vote on H. Res. 11, which calls for the United Nations Security Council to repeal or “fundamentally alter” the one-sided and anti-Israel Resolution 2334. To give this teeth, Sens. Ted Cruz and Lindsey Graham plan to introduce a Senate bill to defund the UN until the Congressional demands are satisfied.

The most important response is legislation that I’ll be introducing along with my colleague Lindsey Graham, that will cut off United States tax payer funds to the United Nations unless and until the U.N. reverses this anti-Israel resolution. I think the only way to get the United Nations’ attention is to go after the money. And I am hopeful and optimistic that were going to take up and pass that legislation to get this resolution reversed.

Cruz continued, stopping short of our own Josh Hammer’s call to destroy the UN:

…I don’t think we should just be writing a blank check for a bunch of radical policies—a bunch of anti-Semetic, anti-Israel policies, a bunch of anti-American policies to simply spew out with our funding. I think we should use our power, use our influence, use our dollars to focus the United Nations on issues that are in our common interest and not issues that undermine the interest of the United States.

However, the United States funds over a quarter of the UN’s general and peacekeeping budget. Defunding the UN makes it very clear that the will of the U.S. is not expressed by the man currently sitting behind the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office, but by the elected representatives of the people.

Congress should not delay in passing H.R. 11, and in acting to defund the UN. It’s unlikely Democrats would waste a filibuster on this, given how President Obama acted against the will of both houses of Congress in abstaining on 2334.

This bill should be on President-elect Donald Trump’s desk on January 20th. He should sign it.

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