Cruz Wins Louisiana: Donald Couldn’t Beat A Rug Without Suing It

After Ted Cruz outright won election day voting in Louisiana, he went on the win the state’s five unbound delegates.

Trump barely won Louisiana’s popular vote, due to early voting frenzies and his penchant for getting people to raise their right hand and swear they’ll run out of his rally and vote for him. Unfortunately, the arcane art of winning a party nomination involves more than just being Hitleresque on stage.

From the Wall Street Journal:

Meanwhile, the state’s five unbound delegates—who are free to back the candidates of their choice—also are more likely to back Mr. Cruz than Mr. Trump, according to GOP officials in the state.

The second step in the process is for those delegates to decide who will represent Louisiana on the three important convention committees— rules, credentials and the party platform. To make those choices, most of Louisiana’s delegates gathered at a March 12 state convention to elect two members to each panel.

No Trump backers won any of those slots. Five of the six committee members chosen back Mr. Cruz, and the sixth is uncommitted to a presidential candidate. Louisiana is the first state to name delegates to serve on the three committees.

Those panels would become critical in a contested convention, which would take place if no candidate wins a majority of delegates on the first ballot. The rules panel will determine which candidates are eligible to be nominated for president, the platform panel will write the party’s agenda, and the credentials panel will mediate disputes about which delegates can be seated. Such fights are already taking place in the U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam, and may happen as well elsewhere.

Unhappy that he did such a poor job in the actual delegate race (which has always mattered), Trump would rather sue to get what he wants than winning it properly.

“Unfair?” Really? Like it’s fair to attribute Liz Mair’s $300 Facebook ad about Melania to Ted Cruz, who knew nothing of it and disavowed it?

No, Donald, it’s only unfair to you because you didn’t what what you want (a coronation).

This is a peek into a Trump presidency (God forbid). China won’t deal fairly a the bargaining table. Sue them! Good luck with that Donald. And good luck suing the Louisiana GOP for following their own rules.

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