Cruz’s Camp Needs to Focus

I agree with the twitterati that Cruz should have focused on North Carolina, Missouri, and Illinois. His last minute foray into Ohio and his Florida dealings were too clever by half and hurt him.

If the Cruz campaign is willing to give itself a mature assessment, it needs to admit it made a mistake and spread itself too thin.

The Cruz campaign has actually been the best organized and best run campaign this political season. It has been hurt by the $2 billion in uncritical, free news for Donald Trump among conservative outlets and the mainstream media. It is hard to overcome that. But Cruz has had a detailed campaign strategy from the beginning and it has held up over time, even in the face of Donald Trump. Compare to the Rubio calculations early on, Cruz’s bets have withstood much.

Cruz needs more focus now on where to fight and how to fight. He certainly needs to shake up his messaging. His message falls flat at connecting outside his core base and he needs to build a broader coaltion with Rubio voters, Kasich voters, and even pull over any remaining soft Trump support. There is so much on the line for Cruz right now as the only man available to stop Donald Trump.

Hopefully his campaign will realize they cannot take anyone or anything for granted right now. There can be no expectation of loyalty. Cruz is going to have to persuade others to come to his side and aid his cause and he is going to have to be very smart on the map now.

On top of all that, Cruz is going to have to do it with a conservative media and mainstream media itching for a Hillary v. Trump fight.

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