A protester holds a placard as he waits for Vice President-elect Mike Pence to leave the Richard Rodgers Theatre after a performance of "Hamilton," in New York, Friday, Nov. 18, 2016. (AP Photo/Andres Kudacki)

Crying Hamilton

The liberals who went to see Hamilton booed when Mike Pence arrived to see it. The cast members lectured Pence. They smugly congratulated themselves on speaking truth to power. Donald Trump blasted them on Twitter. The media and left were outraged. How dare Donald Trump demand they apologize! This was censorship. This is tyranny.

Grow the hell up, people.

Donald Trump does not give up his freedom of speech when he becomes President any more than the jackasses on stage gave up their freedom of speech.

Here’s the issue, though. For the last eight years, the right complained so loudly about absolutely everything Barack Obama did, that their concerns fell on deaf ears when there were real problems, e.g. the IRS investigating tea party groups.

Now, to be sure, the right has a higher burden than the left when it comes to attracting media attention. The media largely did not care about the IRS story anyway, but had a much harder time even wanting to look at it because of all the conspiracy theories on the right at the time.

But it turns out, as a federal court has determined, the IRS really was harassing conservative groups. It is a story that still has not gotten the attention it deserves.

The left right now is doing much the same as the right did for eight years, but it seems they are going to lengths the right never did. In addition to pitching a fit about literally every single thing Trump and Pence do, they are labeling every single person connected to them a racist, they are trying to get prominent Trump supporters fired from jobs, they are harassing people, etc.

They are making it very difficult for anyone to treat their complaints seriously about anything. And to the extent the left has sympathetic people on the right willing to hear their case about Trump, they are rapidly burning those bridges too.

I have a lot of concerns about the way Trump is shaping things, but seeing the left declare Jeff Sessions an “avowed racist,” when nothing could be further from the truth, gives people like me no incentive to engage on those concerns. Attacking people who support Sessions as helping a racist when we know him and those attacking him do not really is not a useful exercise. It turns out that Sessions has major policy differences with the left, as do I, on issues ranging from immigration to terrorism. That does not make him a racist.

In fact, most of the people accusing Sessions of being a racist have never actually fought to desegregate schools. But Jeff Sessions has.

You want us to take you seriously? Stop crying wolf or crying Hamilton about everything. There are really big issues and the self-dealing concerns, conflicts of interest, etc. are going to be potential red flags in the upcoming administration. But you don’t get unlimited sympathy or attention when every opponent is a racist, every policy is racism, and everything is unconscionable.

Truth be told, I am quite pleased with a great deal of what Trump is doing and never expected him to actually go through with it. It is not racism, homophobia, or bigotry — it is cutting the power of Washington. If you want your liberal paradise, you have the ability to create it in your own state. Trump’s policies will ensure Washington stays out of your way and lets you create it while you agree to stop forcing other people in other states to embrace your monolithic liberalism.

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