Cuomo vs. Cruz: And the Winner Is…

Say what you will about CNN, they’re certainly gluttons for punishment. After their media correspondent Brian Stelter got schooled by Ted Cruz yesterday for saying that the Texas senator was afraid to appear on the network to defend his views on gun control, you would think that they would think twice about poking that particular hornet’s nest again. Sadly, CNN anchorman Chris Cuomo must’ve missed the memo, as the New Day host tweeted his own taunt–and sealed his own fate–in what could be charitably described as an exercise in extremely bad timing:
Wow, Cuomo must’ve been feeling pretty good about himself after that! I can almost picture all the high fives and back slaps as he swaggered though the newsroom, winking at the ladies and telling all the guys, “How ya like me now?” Alas, it couldn’t have lasted long, as Cruz–ever at the ready with a rejoinder–turned the smack back on Cuomo with a zinger of his own:
Hey, look at that! Cruz even brought proof!
Oof! That’s a rat-a-tat punch to the ribs followed by a haymaker right upside the head. No TKO here, folks. By my view, Cuomo’s flat on the mat seeing birdies.
Next time, he might want to have a chat with his producer before talking trash about my boy Ted.

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