Curt Schilling Should Run For Senate, And I Would Vote For Him

Curt Schilling is a mighty man. He should absolutely run for U.S. Senate in 2018. I believe he’d beat Elizabeth Warren like the Sox beat the Yankees in 2004. I would absolutely vote for him.

A few disclosures here. First, I don’t live in Massachusetts. I was born there, but never voted in a single Mass election. (My family moved to New Hampshire well before I reached voting age.) Second, I’ve been a Red Sox fan most of my life*. Bloody sock aside, I think the world of Curt Schilling. I’d buy him a cup of light & sweet Double D any day and sit down to talk baseball–or politics.

The sacked ESPN commentator and current Boston conservative radio talk show host, gave a very intelligent and honest interview to CNN’s Jake Tapper about a possible 2018 Senate run, some of his more controversial statements and tweets, and–of course–Donald Trump.

TAPPER: You’re also going to have to defend retweeting an image that likened 5 to 10 percent of Muslims worldwide, which is about 80 million Muslims, to Nazis. Are those…

SCHILLING: Nope. Nope. That’s not true. I compared Muslim extremists to Nazis. That “extremist” part is–I know it’s tricky–but that’s the part that gets left out by everybody.

Schilling is right. The Muslim Brotherhood has a direct bloodline to arabs who took the Nazi side in World War II. Hamas, and to some extent, the Al-Aqsa Brigades, and even the Palestinian Authority (Mahmoud Abbas) shares this pedigree. This is a subject of serious historical research, not a blood libel or conspiracy theory. It happened.

Further, extremist Muslims have not renounced violence, the overthrow of infidel governments, or the destruction of Israel and genocide against Jews. But the New York Daily News headline read: “‘I don’t speak for Jews’: Curt Schilling abruptly brings up CNN anchor’s faith in interview.”

Schilling asked Tapper, quite seriously and absent any irony:

As a person who’s practicing the Jewish faith and has since you were young, I don’t understand … and maybe this is the amateur non-politician in me. I don’t understand how people of Jewish faith can back the Democratic party, which over the last 50 years has been so clearly anti-Israel, so clearly anti-Jewish Israel,

Tapper, to his credit, answered Schilling’s completely valid question objectively, suggesting that perhaps it’s the Democratic Party’s social programs which attract so many American Jews. That is now changing. President Obama has probably done more than any president in the last century to damage relations with American Jews. I know in my (Jewish) family that’s true at least.

If you listen to Democrats, ESPN management, or the Daily News, you’d think Schilling was a mini-Trump with all the attendant defects. And this, in microcosm, is the problem the Republican Party will face over the next few election cycles.

Anyone who believes in conservative values–even moderate values in relation to say, Ted Cruz–is going to be tied to every crass and bombastic statement made by Trump. Schilling endorsed Trump, but that doesn’t mean he can defend everything the orange idiot dilettante says or does, or said or did. But they’ll be expected to in the future, when Trump is no longer running for anything but ratings and Emmy awards.

This is the grace and forgiveness those of us who opposed Trump from the get-go will need to show to people like Schilling. Whether they repudiate Trump after the election, or simply sigh and move on, many of the actual issues Trump discussed (when he actually discussed issues, which was like finding the pork in Van Camp’s Pork & Beans) are valid and worth defending.

When people like Schilling–and there are sure to be others–show the courage and interest to defend those issues, we conservatives need to be there to support them. We need to forgive and forget, even when the sins were committed in the name of baldfaced commercialism and self-interest.

So yes, I encourage Curt Schilling to run (and for his wife to support it). I’d give to his campaign, and I’d think about moving to Massachusetts just so I could vote for him. Well–I’d think about thinking about it, at least until my wife told me “absolutely not.”

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