D.C. Hoagie Chain Unfairly Targeted for Promoting Small Business, Regulation Cuts

Washington, D.C. – based Taylor Gourmet – which specializes in hoagies and other delicious sandwich creations – is the latest target of leftists who hate seeing business leaders collaborating with President Trump to jumpstart the economy.

Here’s more from Washington Business Journal:

Taylor Gourmet co-owner Casey Patten took part in a White House photo op with President Donald Trump on Monday, and the meeting quickly led to calls on social media to boycott the local hoagie chain.

Patten, who co-founded Taylor Gourmet with partner Dave Mazza in 2008, was on hand as Trump signed an executive cutting regulations for small businesses. Photos show Patten standing next to Trump in the Oval Office while signing the order and shaking hands with the president in the Roosevelt Room.

Not surprisingly, certain angered customers took it to Twitter to express their outrage with Taylor Gourmet’s co-founder for taking part in this photo op.



Here’s the picture in question. Patten is on Trump’s right:

In response to some of the backlash, here’s Patten’s take:

Amazing! He has an open mind? Small business should be above politics and for fewer regulations, not more. However, Patten gave the follow-up statement to Washington City Paper to appease angered customers:

“Taylor Gourmet rejects any and all hate and/or discrimination against any human being. Yesterday, I attempted to affect change in a positive way by voicing my concerns for small businesses at The White House. To those who view this as wrong, I accept and respect you opinion. I believe change can be achieved through dialog and activism. I strongly reject any and all forms of hate and/or discrimination.”

Taylor Gourmet isn’t the first business to be caught in the Left’s crosshairs. Uber similarly faced criticism for failing to entangle itself in the refugee debate that has erupted. (Although its CEO Travis Kalanick said he will pledge $3 million to those affected by this executive order.) Chick-fil-A is also a constant target of boycotts from those on the opposite side of the aisle. Their crime? Having a Biblically-centered business model. The horror, the horror!

Even notable chef Jose Andres, a notorious Trump critic, said people should lay off Patten and Taylor Gourmet:

As a D.C. metro area resident, I find comfort in knowing that local businesses here actually want to see regulatory and tax reform. Why? Because they know firsthand the toll of burdensome regulations and fees. Small businesses comprise roughly half of the private workforce. Why shouldn’t they have a say in the economy? They are on the frontline supplying quality products and supplementing people’s livelihoods–unlike the government. It’s a shame the Left wants to bully businesses that don’t align with their worldview or those who put free enterprise first out of existence.

I’ll happily give Taylor Gourmet my business and you should too.

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