Dahlia Lithwick’s Near Psychotic Breakdown Is the Greatest Thing on the Internet This Morning

Dahlia Lithwick is Slate’s in-house Supreme Court “reporter.” She is a liberal’s liberal and has never really seemed to grasp much in the way of constitutional jurisprudence. But she’s a pro-abortion leftist so she gets to pretend. Her breakdown over realizing the left’s best chance to shape the Supreme Court has been snatch away by the GOP is the greatest thing on the internet this morning. She actually thinks the GOP has “stolen” the Supreme Court. That’s right — “it was stolen.”

The Republicans, you see, did not have a nomination hearing for Merrick Garland. That failure is equal to stealing, which explains how leftwing women can think laws protecting children equal invading a woman’s body. With hysteria like this, why should she be treated seriously on any subject?

We are told to give him a chance, to reach across the aisle, and that we must all work hard, in President Obama’s formulation, to make sure that Trump succeeds. But before you decide to take Obama’s advice, I would implore you to stand firm and even angry on this one point at least: The current Supreme Court vacancy is not Trump’s to fill. This was President Obama’s vacancy and President Obama’s nomination. Please don’t tacitly give up on it because it was stolen by unprecedented obstruction and contempt. Instead, do to them what they have done to us. Sometimes, when they go low, we need to go lower, to protect a thing of great value.

That’s right — Lithwick, who believes the lack of a hearing is equal to physically stealing a branch of government, thinks the Democrats need to go even lower than the GOP. Hahahaha.

What does that amount to?

In Lithwick’s case it is screaming into the wind hysterically. She wants the Democrats to filibuster. Of course the GOP will just rely on the precedent Lithwick championed a few years ago to get around the filibuster. That would be when Harry Reid decided to unilaterally abolish the filibuster for judicial picks. Back then, Lithwick was a-okay with such shenanigans.

When the GOP does that, which they have every right to do because, by Lithwick’s logic, the Democrats stole the judiciary then, Lithwick might just go over the edge completely.

This is such a fantastic thing to witness. I have lost count of the high number of friends who have emailed and texted these past few days that seeing people like Lithwick meltdown has done more to get them supporting Trump than anything else.

The only proper response from progressives today must be that Donald Trump is a lame-duck president with only four years left in his term, and we must let the people decide the next justice for the Supreme Court. Less fatuously, it must be to obstruct the nomination and seating of any Trump nominee to fill Scalia’s seat. We will lose. But that’s not the point now. Democrats need to repeat Ted Cruz’s lie that eight justices will suffice. If Democrats can muster the energy to fight about nothing else, it should be this, because even if you believe the election was fair or fair enough, the loss of this Supreme Court seat was not. That seat is Merrick Garland’s.

Such is the rage of Achilles.

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