Dams, Cuomo, Israel, Generators and Hope in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico was reduced to little better than rubble and a third-world island after Hurricane Maria hit with a full-force Category 5 “catastrophic” landfall. Nothing works. No power, no Internet, no infrastructure.

No hospitals. People are dying and desperate.

A 90-year-old dam has cracked and could at any moment send catastrophic floods through the northwest part of the island.

Video by JerusalemOnline

Relief teams continue to pour in from many places in the world. Although Israel has sent resources to Mexico City to help that metropolis dig out from a 7.1 earthquake, the tiny nation has also send an Israel AID team to Puerto Rico.

“Right now, we have 15 people on the ground in Houston, seven in the Florida Keys area, six in Mexico and four arriving in Puerto Rico.

“We are providing medical and psychological support for children who lost their houses in the more rural areas that no other organization has reached and, in Puerto Rico, our team just arrived today because the airport was shut down. We are working with the JCC and Chabad to provide clean water, distribute relief supplies and providing psychological support.”

The largest number of Puerto Ricans outside of the island itself live in New York. Gov. Andrew Cuomo personally led a team to the ravaged island, and didn’t just make it a grandstanding tour.

The delegation also brought donated supplies including more than 34,000 bottles of water, nearly 10,000 ready-to-eat meals, 3,000 canned goods, 500 flashlights, 1,400 cots, blankets and pillow and 10 electrical generators, requested by Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello.

Cuomo was joined by his daughter and New York state emergency response officials who will help in recovery efforts on the island.

The state will also send 60 members of the National Guard and four Black Hawk helicopters, along with 50 state troopers.

Kudos to Cuomo. Credit where credit is due, even to anti-gun Democrats.

I’ve personally spoken to members of my church who have close relatives in Puerto Rico. They are planning to be without power for months, but they do have generators. They will get by and rebuild, but many are suffering. The old, the sick, the disabled, all need help.

My favorite relief group, Convoy of Hope, has a team heading to Puerto Rico to assist. Convoy of Hope was one of the first groups on the ground distributing meals and supplies in Houston’s flooding. Unlike the Red Cross, this organization is lean, without layers of management and red tape to steal away the impact of your donation.

Please consider giving to Convoy of Hope to help Puerto Rico.

Other worthy organizations in Puerto Rico:

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