Dana Who?

Yesterday at both RedState and here I posted, after many requests, my thoughts on that preacher in Colorado who was fornicating with a gay prostitute. I have absolute no idea who the guy is. Never heard of him until yesterday.

Anyway, some dude I’ve never heard of named Dana Blankenhorn came on to tell me that I’m lying (except he spelled it lieing). Apparently, I really do know who this guy is. I guess I’m lying about this Blakenhorn dude too. Oh, he says it is pure “Pilate,” I don’t know if he means the Roman or the exercise. According to Blakenhorn, the preacher is the “head of the NEH,” but everybody knows Bruce Cole is the head of the NEH.

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  • I feel terrible for Ted Haggard. The faith he seemed to ardently believed in called his sexual orientation (either gay or bi) an abomination.

    He tried so hard to be the person that his faith called him to be, even though it conflicted with who he really was, that it lead him to make some very bad choices.

    I hope those who once followed him will eventually let him back into their hearts.

  • Haggard’s the head of the National Association of Evangelicals … which is vastly different than the National Endowment for the Humanities.

    Blankenhorn runs this blog and is a regular contributor at this one which covers Georgia politics.

    I don’t know the guy at all, but he’s popped up at my blog once or twice as well.