Darryl Glenn for Colorado

If conservatives wonder who they should support in Colorado’s Republican Senate primary, they should stop wondering and support Darryl Glenn. The choice in this primary could not be clearer. Of the two major candidates in the Republican primary, Darryl Glenn has opposed consideration of Judge Garland for the Supreme Court and Jack Graham wants to give Judge Garland a hearing.

Had Judge Garland been on the Supreme Court today, Barack Obama would have been given permission to abuse his Presidential authority to enact executive amnesty. Not only that, but Jack Graham is terrible on the second amendment and life issues.

These issues are at the forefront of the national debate right now and Graham would not be with us. He would be weak and cave.

Darryl Glenn, on the other hand, is a rock solid conservative. He will oppose liberal judges. He will not cave on the second amendment. He will not falter on the issue of life.

It is not a surprise then that much of the Washington Republican establishment is rooting against Darryl Glenn and backing his liberal rival, Graham. Washington lobbyists hate Darryl Glenn because they fear he might cut short their gravy train. They are attacking him for daring to be a principled conservative.

Darryl Glenn is a principled conservative and we should absolutely support him. The race is very tight in Colorado and every conservative can make a difference. Give what you can, pray as you can, and if you live in Colorado you need to vote for Darryl Glenn for the United States Senate.

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