David M. Friedman is a Pretty Gutsy Pick for Ambassador to Israel

The left is collectively freaking out about David M. Friedman, Donald Trump’s choice for Ambassador to Israel.

Friedman is a bankruptcy lawyer in New York with no real diplomatic experience and he is a major critic of left-leaning Jews in the United States who want a two state solution. Friedman has vocally insisted on moving the American embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv and compared left-leaning Jews in the United States to those Jews who collaborated with Nazis.

At least that is what the left wants you to know about.

The reality is more than that. Friedman has been a staunch ally of the right in Israel. He has ample connections. Those connections may put him in a bind if the right loses power in Israel. But it is not like he has no connection, no knowledge, and no experience as the left is characterizing him.

But, again, he is not a professional diplomat in a role that often can use one.

All that said, the reality is that the Israeli Prime Minister can get the President of the United States on the phone at any time. The Ambassador to Israel often serves as a mere formality while the Secretaries of Defense and State directly intervene on Israeli matters.

The left is making this out to be more than it is and, frankly, after eight years of betraying Israel and working to undercut them, Friedman’s appointment is a show of good faith to Israel that Trump really does mean to strengthen that relationship.

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