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Day Without a Woman Becomes Day Out of School?

For this week’s installment of “The World Has Turned Upside-Down”, we travel to a state which has become a hotbed of political interest, North Carolina. Specifically, we turn our attention to the Chapel Hill – Carrboro City School District (CHCCS).

And what about CHCCS indicates that the world has turned upside-down? Well, that would be the fact that school system employees apparently get to decide for themselves which days they will work.

According to an announcement on the system website, CHCCS administrators were left with no choice but to cancel classes for Wednesday of this week because … brace yourself … many of their teachers wanted to participate in the March 8 Day Without a Woman observance. So many, in fact, that the district determined student safety would be impacted. The lost instructional day will not be made up.

Read that one more time to let it sink in. Students in the CHCCS district will have one less day of instruction during the 2016-17 school year simply because their teachers refused to work – and those teachers will face no disciplinary action for refusing to do their jobs.

There is no word yet on whether those teachers will be participating in any of the activities outlined in the post I wrote on this observance last week, or whether the little pink crocheted dunce caps hats and life-size reproductive organ costumes will again be on display. (Links purposely omitted out of respect for those readers who might be eating breakfast. You’re welcome.)

There are likely other districts in the country which will find themselves in a similar position, and such action is not without precedent (see: Georgia – Florida rivalry Friday).

Aside from the obvious fact that priorities seem a bit out of whack here, what kind of message does this send to students? In an age where one of the top complaints from employers about their employees is the lack of soft skillsyou know, like actually showing up for work when you’re expected to do so – students in the CHCCS district will learn this week that if enough of them band together, they can skip work whenever they darn well choose.

The Day Without a Woman is an event organized by the group Women’s March – a group which purports to stand for the protection of women’s rights but in January stood firmly against the right to be pro-life during the recent Women’s March on Washington.

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