Dead Reckoning Radio: Jan. 29: The Dem Debate, Socialism and Justice for All?

Welcome to the January 29, 2016 edition of DR Radio! Dead Reckoning Radio is an independent, weekly live stream hosted by Jay Friesen with Hadley Heath and Dr. Brian Mattson helping you intelligently engage with critical cultural moments from a distinctly Christian perspective. For more information or to subscribe to the podcast, please visit our website. (<– for a good time, click me)

In this episode, Hadley, Brian, and Jay recap the Democratic debate and the apparent extreme left positioning, tear down the notion of “Democratic Socialism” and discuss the significance of this year’s March for Life and the ridiculousness of David Daleiden’s indictment. This week’s Game of Wit is a Nerd vs. Nerd throwdown of political slang.


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