Dean Baquet and Jeff Bezos are The Despicables; In Comparison, Hannity and Limbaugh are Positively Neutral

Many conservatives get up in arms because they think Hannity or Limbaugh are too quick to defend Trump, but those two are positively neutral compared to the the decades of liberal media interference in politics.

Let me tell you a howler, an absolute knee-slapper.

New York Times executive editor Dean Baquet thinks James O’Keefe is “a despicable who runs a despicable operation” because his news desk got exposed for what it is. Retired giant of television journalism Bob Schieffer lamented that there are “too many choices” and a lack of “serious vetting” of journalists in media.

Then the NYT issued “an updated and expanded set of guidelines” for their journalists to be less partisan on social media.

And the punchline: The Washington Post sold a full page ad to pornographer Larry Flynt, who is offering $10 million to anyone who can supply information that leads to President Donald Trump’s impeachment.

Ha ha ha ha. Oh please.

The mainstream media are and have been for decades tilted to the far left. They don’t just support Democrats, they are the thought leaders in the progressive movement. In the Obama administration, they represented a priesthood with a revolving door and a permanent invitation into the inner sanctums and halls of political power.

The only story of the 2016 election cycle and its outcome in 2017 is the all-out war between this liberal media establishment and its nemesis, Donald J. Trump. Practically everything else that has happened is simply collateral damage in that war.

(Given, there’s been precious little actual policy advanced in Trump’s term, but it is still early.)

Those who believed in Trump for the policy implications of having a GOP-controlled White House and Congress have been among the wounded in endless friendly-fire incidents. The president is focused on his media war first and foremost, and he rarely takes his eye off his enemy.

But the disgusting joke, like the one in the lede above, is on the media, because they pretend as if they’re objective. They pretend they’re not in a war, with smarmy subheads like “Democracy dies in darkness.” Many conservatives get up in arms because they think Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh are too quick to defend Trump, but really those two are positively neutral compared to the the decades of liberal media interference in politics.

For Dean Baquet to actually say “To ding the NYT, [O’Keefe and Project Veritas] went after a kid, and they probably affected his career forever,” is the height of despicable.

Because Baquet thinks it’s okay for liberals to infiltrate any organization the NYT wants, and print any unattributed report they want, for an obvious political purpose to take down Trump (or any Republican, or conservative, or Sen. Ted Cruz).

Amazon owner Jeff Bezos thinks it’s okay to take Larry Flynt’s money–from a man whose entire career and fortune was made by sexually objectifying and oppressing women–while his own Amazon Studio chief Roy Price was ousted for sexually harassing producer Isa Hackett Dick.

I’d rather the leftist media simply admit that they’re the opposing team and drop any pretense of objectivity. The First Amendment still protects them from Trump, who is really the one constrained by the Constitution, regardless of his tweets or statements to the contrary. As long as they keep pretending that they play fair, the communist-loving media simply hands the president the advantage.

Baquet and Bezos are the liars and poseurs in this war, not conservatives, or even Trump himself (who simply speaks his mind, such as it is at the moment when he opens his unfiltered jaws or tweets).

They are both despicable.

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