Dear Hillary, Please Shut The Hell Up

I realize that book tours require those whose names are on the cover to make some effort at creating “buzz” around the book. I also realize that Mrs. Clinton has bills and obligations to pay. She has to do her part to hawk books that bear her name and image.

But enough is enough. It’s become insufferable. Please, Mrs. Clinton, shut the hell up.


“You know, I really believed that — I think in retrospect it was a misconception or certainly out of sync with the time in which we’re living and the candidate I ended up running against,” Clinton said Monday at Warner Theater during a promotional event of her new book, What Happened.

A little side note to Herself here.

Hillary: You. Helped. His. Candidacy.

You did it so you could run against him. Yes, you did. You didn’t “end up” running against Trump. You engineered it, manipulated it, and did everything you could to bring it about.

I think I’ll throw up now.

Another one. Riffing on Sean Spicer’s spoofing of the worst press briefing in the history of the White House since Al Haig said “I am in charge here” after President Reagan was shot, Clinton darkly intoned:

“The stakes of what we face in this time are just profound. And I said before, and I will repeat it here, I think that this president and the people who serve him on this alternative reality track are posing a clear and present danger to the future of our country,” she said.

All because of the size of the inauguration crowd. It’s a miracle how Trump’s lies are a clear and present danger, Mrs. Clinton, but your lies are just another way of saying the truth (from a certain point of view). I feel the gag reflex coming again.

And the winner:

“Taking it to the last month of this campaign, all of a sudden people are being told you know what, something is going on,” Clinton said. “They are going to investigate her again. We could see that a lot of women in particular turned away. They were discouraged. I do not blame them. They did not know what to believe. It is outrageous what happened.”

Hillary: You made a punctuation error in the title of her book. It’s “What Happened?” not “What Happened.”

(Whispering: She really doesn’t know.)

We all know.

Millions of people stayed home because they were disgusted with the choices, and especially disgusted with Hillary Clinton.

There were just enough people in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin who were disgusted with Clinton and willing to give Trump a shot (why not?) to hand the election to Trump. Clinton could have–if she paid attention to her desperate campaign workers on the ground–done something about this.

What happened?

She didn’t listen. She never listened to anyone except those inside her paranoid little spider webs of control. Therefore, she lost. The story is over, and it certainly didn’t need her to write a book about it.

We’re tired of hearing all the reasons Hillary believed she was entitled to win and how the world conspired to rob her of her destiny. America with Trump as president is exhausting enough for those who follow politics. She’s like listening to a three-year-old having a hissy fit in the mall while adults are attempting to shop. It’s cringeworthy but you can’t really tune it out.

The very best thing, the most statespersonlike thing, the most sacrificial, truthful, and merciful thing Hillary Clinton could do right now is to shut up.

I’ll even make a deal. If Hillary shuts up for the next two months…if she says nothing to the press at all, or keeps her appearances limited to the groupies who paid and waited ten hours for a 15-second glance (don’t look Her in the eye!), I will buy her book.

That’s right. I’ll buy the hard copy. I’m sure I can find uses for each page of acid-free paper that could last months. I said I’d buy the book–I didn’t say I’d read it.

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