Dear MSM Reporter who is covering Obama on the campaign trail . . .

Please ask him if he would attend a fundraiser or meeting of local activists at Tom Coburn’s house.

When Obama chuckles and says Coburn would never invite him to do that because he is supporting John McCain, ask him again — ask if Coburn *did* invite Obama over to meet with local neighborhood activists or to raise money for Obama’s campaign, would Obama go?

He went to Bill Ayers’ house.

Of course, the issue here is simple: if Obama says no, he puts legal trial and death penalty for abortionists* in a place worse than terrorists who try to blow up institutions of American government. If he says yes, well he’s up a creek with the NARAL gang.

Now, Mr./Mrs./Miss/Ms. Reporter, that last bit is irrelevant to you. What is relevant is that he attended a gathering on his behalf at Bill Ayers’ house. Would he go to Tom Coburn’s house for the same? That is the relevant part and the part you must ask if you want to be objective in covering this race.

*Let’s just presume that Obama’s understanding of Coburn’s position is, in fact, accurate, regardless of the actual facts. This is, after all, what Obama presumes to know about Coburn’s position.

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