Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich addresses the Conservative Political Action Conference annual meeting in National Harbor, Md., Saturday, March 8, 2014. Saturday marks the third and final day of the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, which brings together prospective presidential candidates, conservative opinion leaders and tea party activists from coast to coast. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

Dear Newt Gingrich . . .

On Fox you said you disagreed with me on any third party bid and said the issue would help Hillary Clinton.

I understand your point. But what you may not seem to understand is that I have no loyalty to the Republican Party. You guys made a lot of promises and broke all those promises. You promised to defund Obamacare. You did not. You promised to control federal spending. You did not. You promised to fight the President on immigration. You did not.

Going back to the Bush Administration, the GOP hid massive domestic spending programs in war spending and tried to justify the idea of a “big government conservative.”

I have no more loyalty to the GOP than the GOP has to me. And I have signed no oath to the GOP.

So what you need to understand is very simple. Donald Trump as the Republican nominee gets you Hillary Clinton as President — and does so with or without a third party.

If you don’t like that, stop Trump.

It is really damn simple. There’s no reason for you or anyone else to complicate it. Donald Trump’s nomination will give you Hillary Clinton’s Presidency.

The end.


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