Death for the Uninsured… A Scare Tactic Against ACA Repeal

A cursory glance at the MSM news cycle around the repeal of the Affordable Care Act reveals that the Left’s scare tactics are in full force, with the Washington Post headline claiming, “Repealing the Affordable Care Act will kill more than 43,000 people annually.”

Liberal Democrats, with the help of the MSM, are successfully shifting the narrative to put the crosshairs on Republicans. How can we just rip people off their insurance!?

As the authors of the Post’s article, Himmelstein and Woolhandler, state:

Moreover, even if a Republican replacement plan comes together, it’s likely to take a big backward step from the gains made by the ACA, covering fewer people with much skimpier plans.

Gains from the ACA!? Never mind that Democrats are solely responsible for the crap-sandwich healthcare industry as it is today, and never mind that citizens are already dropping their insurance because they can’t afford the steep rise in premiums. It’s a disaster, and the ship is sinking… fast!

So, who are Himmelstein and Woolhandle, exactly? You know, the ones leading the charge with such frightening claims?

It turns out that they’re members of Physicians For A National Healthcare Program, a single-issue Chicago organization that fights for a single-payer healthcare model. That should be of no surprise to anyone.

The truth is that the Democrats’ ultimate goal is a single-payer, nationalized healthcare industry. It doesn’t matter that the best measure they’ve achieved toward this cause, the ACA, is completely failing and proving to be the unsustainable model that conservative Republicans knew it would be. They’re driven by an ironclad ideology, and no matter how bad any big-government healthcare law might fail, they will simply claim, “it wasn’t done the right way.”

Unfortunately, there are warning signs that establishment Republicans are going to waver in their prime opportunity to repeal the ACA and set a new market-based approach for healthcare. It seems the typical Washington pressures might prove to be too much for Republicans, even with control of Congress and the executive branch.

Americans should be concerned that the prime cost-drivers for skyrocketing premiums, the insurance mandates, aren’t being considered in some plans for repeal. To simply repeal the individual and employer mandate would eliminate only the funding mechanisms, which makes no sense. The insurance mandates are why 25-year-old males are forced to purchase maternity coverage, for instance, and if those mandates are not included in the repeal process, then Republicans will have squandered the issue entirely.

Republicans have the opportunity to steer the healthcare industry toward patient-centered, market-based, competitive health insurance, which puts the decision-making back in the consumer’s control. With McConnell and Ryan at the helm, however, it’s tough to have faith in a full repeal, but individual members of congress shouldn’t fall for the scare tactics that will ramp up and increase in intensity during the coming weeks as the course of action is decided in Washington.

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