Defending Your Values In A Sea of The Absurd

It’s kind of hard to catch your breath isn’t it? If you’re a Christian in this country, working hard, trying to maintain a Christian home, and show love, kindness and God’s grace to your fellow man, then over these past weeks you’ve not been allowed a moment of respite. That’s because the left never rests, never stops coming, never seems to tire of chipping away at the foundations of the west. But since the left bases everything they believe on the premise that everything we see in the universe originated from nothing (ex-nhilio) then they can’t help themselves. Since the foundation of their belief system is based on the absurd notion that everything sprang from nothing, then their arguments on more specific matters must always devolve into the absurd. This has always been the case, the reason things seem to be so much more topsy turvy these days is because now the left is in charge. The left now owns the courts, the executive branch, the universities, and the most of the culture.

Thus in only the past three weeks, around the water cooler, in the breakroom, or in the school cafeteria, you have been forced to actually debate the following:

  • Whether grown men should use the restroom with little girls.
  • If a child’s life is life is more valuable than a gorilla’s.
  • And whether or not your Scriptural views on marriage caused an Islamic extremist you never heard of prior to last week to abide by the teachings of his local mosque and slaughter people.

And those are only the top three from very recent history. Interacting with people of the extreme left has been a constant journey through the looking glass for generations. Nowhere is this more crystal clear than in the aftermath of the Orlando terror attack. Not only as bulleted above did the New York Times Editorial page blame Christians, none other than, Jenn Hatmaker, who apparently now in addition to being a humorist, sees herself as a theological and intellectual giant who is fit to make pronouncements for all of Christiandom, said Christians were complicit. Planned Parenthood blamed “toxic masculinity”. While there is no denying that Planned Parenthood knows as much as any entity in history about the slaughter of innocent human beings, their root cause analysis in this instance is downright ludicrous.

If you get drawn in to such conversations in which you may bravely be trying to defend your faith based views, keep one thing in mind, you do not owe anyone a justification of the obvious. You will drive yourself nuts attempting to do so. Take the NCAA as another example. They recently released a statement regarding North Carolina’s bathroom law (which law had to be passed to defend the obvious and age old standard that males use the men’s room and females use the ladies’ room). The NCAA insisted on an “open” bathroom policy because they said they wanted to “provide an environment that is safe, healthy, and free of discrimination”. Let that soak in a moment. In the view of this body made up of academics it is safer for little girls to be forced to enter public restrooms that can now be frequented by strange men than for those little girls to have the expectation of privacy. As Muggeridge once wrote, this is a classic example of these NCAA officials having “educated themselves into imbecility”.

None of this is to say that the tiny fraction of the population of people who actually have gender identity issues should not be treated with compassion. That too is obvious. But as the left always insists, just being compassionate and respectful isn’t enough. Instead the entirety of the rest of the 99.3% of the population must be made to bend to the will of the 0.7%. That’s because for the left this entire issue is not about compassion for the transgendered. Whether they realize it consciously or not the issue is being used as a chisel to damage the foundation of a civil society. The fact that mores relating to gender have withstood the test of all of human history seems to bother the left not at all.

One must understand where we have arrived in history. We now live in a culture where for the majority of the people the God of the Bible seems dead. Make no mistake, God is alive, sovereign and still on His throne. But the majority of the population rejects that truth. Thus, with no basis in objective truth as laid out in Scripture there is no basis to determine what is right and what is wrong. Thus the primary ethic of America and most of the world in 2016 is expediency. Whatever the whim of the culture happens to be at this brief moment in time is what is right. Tradition and moral absolutes that have withstood time’s test be damned.

The way for a Christian to face this reality is not by becoming mired down in debate with persons who do not even accept the most basic premises of western culture (Such as that man is made in the image of God and thus has much more value than an animal, or that God made us male and female.) Society must continue to operate on with these values in mind, when it does not, chaos will ensue. In the case of gender, though tragic exceptions derive from the fall, the whole of society cannot turn itself on its head to accommodate and embrace these exceptions. Rather than debate then, just keep living by them.

The people around us sense that something is dreadfully wrong in society even as they argue against these truths. In such a culture we have the opportunity for our lives, which are lived with full acknowledgement of these moral abosolutes, to be an active, ongoing testimony. We can’t win an argument with the absurd. But we can continue to live the God’s truth and allow that truth to be a beacon to lead others out of the chaos.


God has given us Truth

Religious words, detached from their clear meaning in the bible, are then used for manipulation. The words become a banner to move in any arbitrary direction. God is dead to the left so anything is permissible. What is objectively true versus what is arbitrary. No certainty.



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