Deidre Scaramucci Filed for Divorce While Nine Months Pregnant

We’re just learning that Anthony Scaramucci’s wife Deidre was nine months pregnant when she filed for divorce. She has been so angry with her now-estranged husband that the two have been separated for nearly half a year.

Page Six reports that Deidre has since given birth to a son, James, who was born two weeks early and was in neonatal intensive care as of the end of last week.

Anthony was in West Virginia with President Trump at the Boy Scout Jamboree when James was born, and he did not return to New York to visit his son until Saturday.

“When James was born, he sent her a text saying, ‘Congratulations, I’ll pray for our child,’” said a source close to the situation.

Anthony’s associate said, “There was discussion between him, her and the divorce attorneys about Anthony going to the hospital and unfortunately … the delivery was sudden.”

Deidre’s anger with her husband was a factor.

Friends and acquaintances on both sides of the rocky marriage have said that both Anthony and Deidre were verbally abusive toward each other and that Deidre’s devotion to the children was a factor in the tension. Career choices may have also played a factor in the dissolution of the marriage.

Anthony’s associate said that the couple is trying to divorce amicably and that Anthony was pursuing “a different career objective that didn’t align with Deidre’s trajectory.”

Anthony’s friends and White House associates portray him as a generous man who throws lavish parties for friends yet puts family first, while other friends see him as a man who runs around in a lifestyle that leaves family behind.

One friend of the couple wonders if Deidre didn’t want to be a part of the flashy, glittering way of life that Anthony maintained.

“Deidre got swept away by the big world she was walking into. It’s very flashy and she hadn’t lived that life before and I don’t think she could see past it,” said the friend.

It’s sad when any marriage ends, but it will be interesting to see if the Scaramucci divorce will have an effect on his work at the White House.

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