Delusional, Despicable John Kasich Denounces Math

Appearing on Fox News’ “Special Report,” John Kasich wore a smug grin, sitting across the table from a stunned Bret Baier and denounced mathematics, logic, and common sense.

Kasich knows there’s no possible way he can gain enough delegates to win the nomination, so he is trying to stop Ted Cruz from stopping Donald Trump, while somehow entertaining the delusion that the convention will pick him as the nominee. Or more likely, he’s lying his square-cut head off and playing for Trump’s VP pick.

He lied in an ad he’s running in Utah showing Mitt Romney campaigning for him in Ohio, knowing that Romney is campaigning for Ted Cruz in Utah. Kasich sat there and listened to Romney’s robocall, which plainly stated “A vote for John Kasich is a vote for Donald Trump.”

Then Kasich claimed that Cruz can’t carry Ohio, and therefore “can’t win in the fall” (despite polls showing he can win). He actually thinks Cruz is the spoiler and should get out and consolidate behind him. If Kasich really believes this, he’s disqualified from being governor of Ohio, or dog catcher, prison warden, or the guy in charge of the local landfill. If he believes this, he seriously needs to have his head examined for a brain injury.

I don’t think he believes it. He’s just a delusional political hack playing for influence with Trump.

Either way, Kasich is despicable.

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