Dem Leaders to Base: Drop the ‘I’ Word!

The activists are calling for it.  The base is in the streets demanding it.  Elected Democrats are growing wary of it.  D.C. Democrats are recognizing the potency of it and simply referring to it as the “I” word.


Politico is reporting that Democrat Party leaders in Washington are trying to tone down talk about the “I” word, despite their base’s fervent demands for it. Even Nancy Pelosi is hesitant to discuss impeachment at this early juncture in the presidency of Donald Trump.  The Democrats’ leadership probably recognizes that raising talk of impeaching a president who today has only been in office for one month wouldn’t actually do them any long-term good.

And they would be right.  With 73% of the American public preferring the Democrats work with–rather than outright oppose–the President, the only thing Democrats could accomplish by raising the prospect of impeachment would be to make themselves even more unpopular than they already are.  It would make them look like they are opposing the President not for any legitimate reasons, but simply because they don’t like him.

As if they aren’t doing that already.

Despite Democrat leadership’s hesitancy to use the “I” word, the more radical base of the party is all too happy to bring it up. Protestors are using the occasion of “Not My President’s Day” to call for President Trump’s impeachment.

Good for them.

Call it a hunch, but I suspect that the “I” word that our activist friends on the streets keep using doesn’t mean what they think it means.  They don’t seem to fully grasp that

  1. Impeachment does not necessarily mean removal from office. It simply means presenting a charge of wrongdoing against a public official.
  2. Being Republican doesn’t quite warrant charges of wrongdoing.
  3. Impeaching the President of the United States means that there is going to be a trial. According to the official rulebook, the House of Representatives (currently Republican) would have to charge the President, the Senate (currently Republican) would have to try the President, and that trail would be presided over by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (currently Republican).  Good luck with that.
  4. Even if the sitting President were to be removed via impeachment, it isn’t like we get an election do-over. Donald Trump would not be replaced by Hillary Clinton (or any other Democrat).  He would be replaced by Vice President Mike Pence who happens to be far more conservative than Donald Trump.

If these professional protestors would get off the streets and try paying attention for once, they might start to notice that Donald Trump is historically much closer to them ideologically than he is to traditional conservatives.  If they noticed this, then they would stand a much better chance of actually getting what they want.

By protesting and rioting against every move this President makes, they only continue to further alienate themselves from the rest of the country and make themselves look petty, childish, and insignificant in the process.

And that’s fine by me.

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