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Democrat plays politics with North Carolina economy, sabotages compromise on HB2

For months, liberals have claimed that North Carolina’s HB2 is a discriminatory law. U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch even went so far as to compare the law, which merely attempts to balance the LGBT agenda with things like the rights of private citizens, to the segregationist Jim Crow laws of the 20th century.

Now, an elected state Democrat has allegedly scuttled a compromise agreement where HB2 would be repealed if the totalitarian Charlotte “non-discrimination” ordinance is also yanked from the books:

North Carolina State Representative Becky Carney (D-Mecklenburg) lobbied members of the Charlotte City Council against voting to repeal the city’s non-discrimination ordinance, which would have paved the way for a repeal of the controversial House Bill 2, multiple sources tell On Your Side Investigates.

On Your Side Investigates spoke with multiple people, both Republican and Democrat, who have knowledge of internal deliberations among the city council over whether to repeal its ordinance and the legislature’s offer to repeal HB2 if the city’s ordinance were repealed.

Multiple sources say there were seven members of the council who had agreed to repeal the ordinance on Friday.

That number dropped by two, sources say, when Mayor pro Tem Vi Lyles and Councilwoman Julie Eiselt changed their vote amid lobbying efforts from Carney.

The debate here is simple — North Carolina Republicans are beginning to cave on HB2 due to economic and other pressures, and they decided that if Charlotte’s law was eliminated, HB2 could be likewise. But Carney wanted to play politics, instead:

A Democratic member of the legislature, who spoke on background to discuss the situation, confirmed Carney tied her opposition to the ordinance’s repeal directly to her desire to keep HB2 on the books so Democrats in close legislative races could use the bill as a wedge issue in November’s election.

The lawmaker said Republican leaders in the legislature had agreed to repeal HB2 if the city’s ordinance were also repealed and that there were enough votes to push the bill’s repeal through.

“This deal was done, and was going to be done, but for three people and they’re all sitting in Charlotte,’ the Democratic lawmaker said. “Three people in Charlotte are holding North Carolina hostage right now.”

Frankly, HB2 isn’t the monster liberals make it out to be. It’s a very modest bill, and it allows both businesses and government entities to make internal policy without interfering with each other. In fact, it surrenders to the LGBT agenda by declaring that a gender change is valid if someone legally changes their sex on a birth certificate.

The lack of complete abandonment of common sense and scientific reality offended LGBT activists — acquiescence has replaced tolerance these days — so they pushed allies in the White House, the NCAA, and elsewhere to take action.

Philosophically speaking, North Carolina Republicans should have told the NBA, etc. to get lost. On a more practical level, I’m not the head of a government entity with responsibilities to an entire state’s economy — I’m not sure I can blame Governor Pat McCrory for attempting a compromise, even though it would have opened the doors to more totalitarian “non-discrimination” laws. But as is now SOP, the liberal left had to go and take things to the next level, and for political reasons, to boot.

Tolerance is so 2005.

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