FILE - In this Aug. 26, 2013 file photo, Chicago Police patrol the neighborhood in Chicago. The American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois says that Chicago police officers are employing the controversial "stop and frisk" practice more than officers in New York City, where a judge ruled the widespread practice discriminated against minorities. In a study released Monday, March 23, 2015 the ACLU says that Chicago officers last summer conducted more than 250,000 stops of people who weren't arrested. (AP Photos/M. Spencer Green)

Democrat Pol: “Disarm Police” … and It Got Dumber from There

Just when you think that politicians can’t spout much dumber, more inane and embarrassing things than what emanates from the lips of Anthony Scaramucci, along comes a Democrat state rep from Minnesota to take it to a whole new level:

A Minneapolis mayoral candidate and current Minnesota state representative has proposed disarming police officers.  Democratic Rep. Raymond Dehn’s proposal calls for drastic changes to the Minneapolis Police Department, starting with disarming police officers and encouraging them to use non-lethal force.

To be fair, Dehn doesn’t think that officers shouldn’t have access to guns, just that they should not be carrying them. If this story sounds vaguely familiar, you are probably remembering not long ago when the Democrat Party’s legal arm (known popularly as the American Civil Liberties Union) suggested disarming School Resource Officers (the police hired to protect students at our nation’s schools).

For the ACLU, it was a matter of not making the students “feel like suspects.” For Dehn, it’s about, “learning skills around de-escalation training.” Because nothing de-escalates crime quite like having a police officers incapable of matching the firepower of bad guys.

It’s hard to read foolishness like this without remembering the horrific Charlie Hebdo attack in France a few years ago. The ignorance of having unarmed officers led to more victims that terrible day as French police responded to the scene equipped only with the batons they were allowed to carry. Needless to say, de-escalation of the attack is not what took place, with the officers helplessly gunned down on live television along with the original targets.   How could we possibly not expect similar tragedy here if we follow Dehn’s dangerously foolish proposal?

Yet believe it or not, his suggestion to take guns away from cops was not the worst thing Dehn said. He went on:

“Crime is not a product of individual morality but the consequence of scarcity in our society. We must divest resources, disarm officers, and dismantle the inherent violence of our criminal justice system which continues to uphold white supremacy.”

Try to get past the blatant race-baiting and pandering that is annoying but egregiously common amongst left-leaning politicians these days. Identity politics is how their bread is buttered, so no one should be surprised when it surfaces. But focus on the opening phrase of that statement: “Crime is not a product of individual morality.” Crime is not a moral issue? It isn’t a matter of the heart? It isn’t the result of evil? It’s merely an expected, if not accepted response to being deprived of entitled goods?

What’s remarkable is that Dehn’s fundamental misunderstanding of human nature and the underlying reality of sin demonstrates precisely why those sworn to protect the innocent must be armed. Edmund Burke explained what Dehn and so many others ignorantly confuse:

“Society cannot exist, unless a controlling power upon will and appetite be placed somewhere; and the less of it there is within, the more there must be without.”

With men like Dehn advancing the preposterous notion that internal moral restraint isn’t a necessity, we have no choice but to arm officers in an effort to restrain the immorality that results.

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