In this photo taken March 11, 2017, Georgia Democratic congressional candidate Jon Ossoff speaks to volunteers in his Cobb County campaign office. Ossoff is trying for an upset in a Republican-leaning district outside Atlanta. The primary is April 18 with a likely runoff on June 20. Republicans have begun to attack Ossoff, a move the candidates says "shows we can win." (AP Photo/Bill Barrow)

Democrats are Bad Mouthing Jon Ossoff

Publicly, Democrats are rallying to Jon Ossoff in Georgia. Privately — not so much.

Behind the scenes, Democrat strategists are suggesting the party move on. While reporters say the Democrats will have to win districts like Georgia’s sixth to take back the House, the reality is they only need 24 seats and the 6th has been Republican since the 70’s.

Several reporters on television yesterday noted the bad mouthing has begun. Democrat strategists are noting Ossoff really did not run a strong race, but relied on Republican infighting. Likewise, they are bristling that $8 million did not get him an outright win in large part because he made major TV and radio buys instead of focusing on other avenues to turn out voters. That is true. Ossoff’s advertising dominated televisions and radios, which did boost his name ID tremendously quickly. But he had the money to build a ground game and other vehicles for identifying potential voters and he did not.

Now Democrat strategists are upset that the DNC might pour more money into this race that is not a sure thing and deprive them of money for both redistricting fights and 2018 contests in more viable seats.

Pass the popcorn, folks. This is going to be fun to watch.

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