Democrats Have to Literally Flip Coins for Hillary to Win

The Democratic Caucuses in Iowa were a catastrophe. In some precincts, they had to give Hillary Clinton the win by flipping a coin. People actually walked out of the caucuses in some cases. The disputes forced unusual methods to declare the winners.

What’s more, there were still a few missing votes as of 3:59am. It was a mess with the Democrats essentially divided over Hillary Clinton. The thing that stands out, however, is that voters who wanted to trust their nominee voted for Bernie Sanders. Likewise, younger voters voted for the old socialist from Vermont while older voters went with Hillary’s “experience.”

The Democrats thought they had a coronation on their hands for Hillary Clinton. Instead, they have a clown show. The candidates are swinging into New Hampshire with Bernie Sanders declaring himself the winner and Hillary having to explain why if she is so popular, coins had to be flipped to give her wins.

The only thing more spectacular than a coin flip for this farce is that Martin O’Malley got eight votes, or one percent of the total votes cast. That seems unreasonably high. O’Malley, by the way, dropped out before 10p.m. last night.

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