Jim Smith steps out of a voting booth after marking his ballot at a polling site for the New Hampshire primary, Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2016, in Nashua, N.H. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

Democrats in Massachusetts may have Stolen a U.S. Senate Seat in New Hampshire

When Trump said that voter fraud cost him the election in New Hampshire, the media laughed at him. In fact, politicians on both sides of the aisle laughed at him and demanded that he produce his evidence. Evidence is now being released in New Hampshire that 6,540 people registered to vote on election day with an out-of-state license. Of these 6,540 people, 5,313 individuals have done nothing since election day to establish residency in New Hampshire.

We do not know who these 5,313 people voted for. However, anyone who knows Hew Hampshire politics knows that over the years, there has been a huge speculation of people traveling from Massachusetts to New Hampshire to vote. There has been a lot of smoke, and now it appears the fire has been found.

While Hillary won New Hampshire by 2,736 votes, the four electoral votes in New Hampshire did not end up changing who became the 45th President of the United States. No harm, no fowl you say …

While the Trump versus Hillary race in New Hampshire was close, the race for U.S. Senate seat between Kelly Ayotte and Maggie Hassan was even closer. Hassan defeated Republican incumbent Ayotte by 1,017 votes. As a result, things have been very tight in the Senate. Already, Vice President Pence has had to break several ties. Furthermore, Trump’s repeal and replace legislation loss in the Senate by only one vote.

While we do not know how Ayotte would have voted on the Senate’s repeal and replace legislation, what we do know is that there is a potential of 5,313 people who did not live in New Hampshire who have deprived the citizens of New Hampshire the right to chose their own representative. What we do know is that these 5,313 people have had a major impact on millions of Americans because Obama Care is failing America.

Millions of Americans have stated that they do not think that their vote counts anymore. This recent news out of New Hampshire will not do anything to help those beliefs. The problem is, politicians do everything that they can to make sure voting is as easy as possible, but in doing so, they reduce the security of the vote.

Voting is not a right, it is a duty of being an American. When politicians treat voting as a right, they rush to create laws that make it easier for people to vote without ensuring the protections that are necessary to preserve the integrity of the election. There is great power in elected office. As long as it is easy to cheat and the fines for being caught are very low, politicians will continue to try to game the system in order to be elected.

It is time that we secure the integrity of our elections as Amazon is required to secure individual’s private credit card information on the internet. To do this, states need to revamp the antiquated voting laws and bring them up to the 21st century. Increasing security does not have to take away anyone’s right to vote just like increasing internet security does not decrease anyone’s right to buy goods on the internet.

As a concerned American, I have a suggestion. Senator Hassan should not be allowed to vote in the U.S. Senate again until a special election can be had in New Hampshire to determine who the people of New Hampshire want to be their U.S. Senator. All 5,313 individuals should be investigated and if it is found that they do not live in New Hampshire, they should be put in jail for the maximum time allowed. This investigation should include detailed interviews with lie detectors to determine if there was some concerted plot by any group or party to effect the New Hampshire election. If evidence is found that there was some kind of collusion, then Federal RICO charges need to be brought against such persons and parties.

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