Democrats Itching To Hang Obamacare/Swampcare on Republicans

If there’s any better reason to kill swampcare than this, I can’t think of one. Roll Call reported Thursday that they’ve obtained a DSCC memo titled “The new health care dynamic: GOP Senate candidates own this plan.”

They know that Obamacare is doomed and they’re looking for any way out. Swampcare is the perfect excuse. Without actually repealing Obamacare, it changes just enough to let Democrats wash their hands and shove the whole thing back on the GOP.

“Regardless of how far this plan makes it through Congress, every Republican Senate candidate will have to answer for a dangerous proposal that puts millions of Americans at risk,” the committee memo read.

If Republicans do anything except kill this cloud of radioactive swamp gas, they’re fools. Sure, the House could amend it to death, have the Senate pass a different version, and then knock it into something else in reconciliation, but the way it’s constructed right now, it’s going to be death to any GOP legislator who touches it.

“During the 2018 cycle, there will be no rock that Republican Senate candidates can hide under to escape the GOP’s dangerous attack on American families,” the DSCC said.

Let’s dispense with the decorum, fully repeal and replace Obamacare with something market-based not government-controlled, and then the GOP can own the results. Anything short of that is going to give those who shoved Obamacare down our throats an easy out they don’t deserve.

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