Democrats Lead The World In Pro-Abortion Extremism

No other major political group in the world ties itself so closely to abortion as a sacred right as the Democratic Party. It’s almost religious in its fervor for unlimited killing of unborn babies. Being pro-life, in all practical terms, disqualifies any political figure from serious consideration in Democratic Party politics. No other issue has the same litmus test quality.

Even in secular European nations, it’s puzzling how hard-left American liberals are about this one issue. Why is that?

The Wall Street Journal (behind a paywall) took a look at opinions on abortion in European countries versus America. While decidedly non-Christian cultures are much more accepting of anyone/anytime abortion, their governments are far more restrictive, legally and politically, than Democrats would ever accept here.

Abortion is also more restricted in Europe, which, according to many observers, makes the practice less provocative to those with moral qualms about it. On most of the continent, abortion on demand is available only up to the 12th week of pregnancy. (No U.S. court has upheld such a limit.)

In Ireland, Northern Ireland and Poland, the procedure is illegal in most cases; in Malta, it is totally forbidden. Waiting periods of several days are mandatory in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. In Germany and the U.K., abortion is technically illegal except under certain conditions, such as relieving the mother’s mental distress or avoiding a risk to her health.

In Europe, abortion was adopted through legislative means, with little cultural opposition. Therefore, reasonable restrictions, in keeping with medical, scientific, and legal facts are placed on a procedure nobody across the pond would ever deny kills a human being. A secular society doesn’t have to couch its arguments in deception and delusion. They are fine with killing people for all kinds of reasons (including the U.K.’s genocide against Downs Syndrome babies).

American culture is much more religious, and therefore pro-life, for obvious reasons (it’s sacred, it’s God-created, if you need more reasons, open a Bible). Though the Democrats are more aligned with Europeans on economic and social issues, their devotion to supporting abortion through judicial fiat runs against American culture, even against socially liberal Roman Catholics.

In the New York Times, Irish Catholic immigrant Thomas Groome lamented that Democrats must stop being “the party of abortion” to remain relevant in America.

Last year’s election was a watershed in this evolution. Hillary Clinton lost the overall Catholic vote by seven points — after President Obama had won it in the previous two elections. She lost the white Catholic vote by 23 points. In heavily Catholic states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan, she lost by a hair — the last by less than 1 percent. A handful more of Catholic votes per parish in those states would have won her the election.

It’s not just that Clinton and the Democratic party are pro-choice. They’re way beyond pro-choice–they’re anti-science, anti-debate, anti-life in all circumstances. Democrats are in fact the biggest pro-abortion extremists in the world. Even measures like 20-week limits, fetal pain measures, waiting periods, mandatory counseling with ultrasound earn Democrats’ vehement opposition.

Democrats can’t win American hearts and minds. They can’t win the culture war here. Legislatures outside the bicoastal liberal strongholds that enact sensible medical and health regulations on abortion are fought tooth-and-nail in the courts. In the Senate, Democrats like Dianne Feinstein speak of it as an inalienable human right, and its SCOTUS decision, Roe v. Wade, as a “super-precedent.”

Two issues lost Democrats the White House. Abortion and gun control. Both of these were issues where Clinton and her party were decidedly against popular opinion. But on abortion, they are almost unhinged.

But for many traditional Catholic voters, Mrs. Clinton’s unqualified support for abortion rights — and Mr. Trump’s opposition (and promise to nominate anti-abortion Supreme Court justices) — were tipping points.

I disagree with Democrats on many issues: economic, social and moral. But on abortion, they allow no argument or diversity of opinion. They permit no dissent, even from like-minded social groups. They become irrational and inflexible to the point of religious fervor in their worship of abortion on demand. No party with such a single-minded devotion to one issue can remain relevant without overwhelming cultural support, and the Democrats don’t have it.

Perhaps they should take a lesson from Europe and from the populist President Donald Trump, and stop being the “party of abortion.” Then again, maybe they should move further into the vagina-hat-wearing, feminazi fringe, and lose even more governorships, state legislatures, and seats in Congress. I’ll pay a baker to bake them a cake for their farewell party.

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