WASHINGTON - JANUARY 27: U.S. President Barack Obama makes a statement to the news media after meeting with Republicans in the House of Representatives at the U.S. Capitol January 27, 2009 in Washington, DC. Obama was on Capitol Hill working to gain support from Republicans for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan, the $825 billion economic recovery package proposed by House Democrats. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Democrats May Need Political Valtrex to Ward Off an Obama Flare Up

Like a cold sore, Barack Obama can be expected to cause occasional flare ups after he departs the Oval Office.

He is not planning on actually leaving Washington, though he’ll depart the city for a short time for Chicago. He has good reason to stay and no one should fault him. He wants to let his daughter finish out high school with minimal disruption. But Barack Obama also wants to go Jimmy Carter and stay involved.

As Republicans begin to ramp up for repealing Obamacare, Barack Obama is heading to Capitol Hill to plot with Democrats on how to save it.

Likewise, he is telling the press he intends to speak up occasionally after leaving the Oval Office.

“As an American citizen who cares deeply about our country, if there are issues that have less to do with the specifics of some legislative proposal or battle, but go to core questions about our values and our ideals, and if I think that it’s necessary or helpful for me to defend those ideals, then I’ll examine it when it comes,” Obama said.

Reagan, the Bushes, and Bill Clinton all made a habit of keeping their mouths shut about disagreements with the Presidents who came after them. Obama is too thin skinned to do that if he sees his legacy slipping away.

But what is Obama’s legacy? Trump and the destruction of the Democratic Party. The Democrats have been decimated across the country from the local level to the federal level thanks to Barack Obama. Democrats would do themselves a favor and avoid an Obama flare up. If he starts giving advice, it only benefits him.

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