Democrats Meltdown During EPA-Nominee Scott Pruitt’s Confirmation Hearing

Democrat Senators were up in arms Tuesday during the confirmation hearing for Trump’s nominee to head the EPA, Oklahoma Attorney General, Scott Pruitt. Conservatives that have been fighting to expose and rein in a runaway EPA under the Obama administration should delight in the angst that Pruitt evokes from the Democrats. It’s a great sign!

Over the past eight years, the EPA has been used as a legislative extension of the Big-Green Environmentalist Left to push anti-capitalist policies unilaterally from the executive branch.

Back in May 2016, Pruitt co-authored a piece in National Review, highlighting the close-minded approach from the Environmentalist Left, who refuse to engage in an open debate over issues such as man-made climate change (desperately claiming the issue to be “settled science”) and explaining the nature by which they abuse their power:

Sadly, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen this tactic of advancing the climate-change agenda by any means necessary. President Obama’s Clean Power Plan is a particularly noteworthy example. This EPA regulation, one of the most ambitious ever proposed, will shutter coal-fired power plants, significantly increase the price of electricity for American consumers, and enact by executive fiat the very same cap-and-trade system for carbon emissions that Congress has rejected.

The Clean Power Plan was promulgated without any consultation with Congress. No bills were debated, no votes were taken, and the representatives of the American people had no opportunity to object or offer their own suggestions. The checks and balances built into our system of government were simply ignored as inconvenient impediments to the president’s agenda.

It’s due time for a new administration to revamp the EPA and reestablish the rule of the law. For too long, the corrupt EPA has stifled targeted industries with their radical environmentalist agenda, abusing their power and by-passing Congress. This election, however, has demonstrated that average Americans have had enough. We’re fed up!

To be sure, environmentalists on the Left will use their tired tactics to demonize the opposition as being pro-pollution, anti-environment, greedy capitalist pigs. But that’s okay, because if Pruitt holds true to his environmental stances, we’re going to see a much-needed adjustment back to the proper balance of federalism in environmental policy.

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