Democrats, Spend Yourselves Silly in GA-6, Break the All-Time Record For Stupid

With over $7 million, Democrat Jon Ossoff spent a fortune to top the runoff ticket against Republican Karen Handel for HHS Secretary Tom Prices’s seat in suburban Atlanta’s 6th CD. With a runoff closing in, Ossoff and Handel are accumulating cash at a record pace, and could surpass Florida’s near-$30 million 18th CD race in 2012 where Democrat Patrick Murphy beat the national machine run by Allen West.

From NY Mag:

Ossoff and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee reserved three-quarters of a million dollars in ads almost instantly after the April 18 returns. With the Democratic candidate coming so close to a knockout, there is no reason to think his amazing fundraising will slack off significantly. And whether or not he remains highly competitive in the ad wars, his investment in field operations (costing $2 million before the first round) is impressive…

Handel has already raised an additional $1 million in grassroots money on her own, and stands to benefit from a healthy fundraising appearance by President Trump in Atlanta Friday, after the president addresses the NRA-ILA meeting.

Trump weighed in to the GA-6 race last week, slamming Ossoff on Twitter.


The ever-left-leaning AJC headlined their piece “Karen Handel embraces Donald Trump ahead of 6th District runoff.” Just because Trump knows it would be a PR disaster to lose this seat doesn’t mean Handel has thrown herself aboard the Trump train. But the warning is implicit–the 6th CD isn’t Trump territory, although it’s solid Republican.

Trump’s growing role in the campaign, however, risks invigorating Democrats and turning off some Republicans in a district he struggled to win. Trump carried the establishment-friendly district by less than 2 points in November, underperforming past Republican presidential candidates who notched landslide margins there. And the GOP candidates in last week’s election who were most closely aligned with the president fared poorly.

Handel should win because of her name recognition, her solid GOP credentials, and, honestly, her distance from Trump. Trump is helping because winning GA-6 helps Trump, not because Handel is a close warm personal friend.

But by all means, Democrats, please continue to spend yourselves silly. Give Ossoff millions more to waste, as he lives outside the district with his girlfriend, who he plans to marry one day but now enjoys fornicating. This plays well with young liberals, but not with the older GOP residents who will vote in June.

Let’s see if we can get to $40 million, and deprive the DCCC of funds they could use in other, more competitive races. Let Trump troll the Democrats and have them soak the media only to lose in the end. Democrats: we love your money here in Georgia, but not so much your candidates.

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