Democrats: The Party of the Klan?

Robert C. ByrdDemocrats always accuse evangelicals of projection. If a Republican is upset over gay rights, it is probably because that Republican is a closet homosexual.

Maybe we need to start thinking the same way about the Democrats.

They are always claiming that Republicans are racist, but it is looking more and more like the Democratic Party, to its core foundation, is racist.

In New Hampshire, white Democrats turned out overwhelming to reject the uppity black man who dared to challenge the Democratic establishment.

In South Carolina tonight, Democratic voters would rather vote for the rich, Southern, white man than either the black man or the female yankee.

In fact, exit polling by and large shows that John Edwards, by staying in the race, is taking votes that would otherwise typically go to Barack Obama. Is this a racist ploy? Is John Edwards in league with the Clintons to make sure white voters, who don’t want to vote for Clinton, have a white alternative to go to, lest Barack Obama get more traction?

And what of the Clintons? Bill is out comparing Obama to Jesse Jackson. In fact, the Clintons have made race a sport in this primary election. They are reminding white Democratic voters that Barack Obama is black.

How can that tactic work? It seems it can only work if Democrat voters are, in fact, racist.

The party of slavery, segregation, and Jim Crow, appears to still be the party of the Klan. Robert Byrd must be pleased.

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