Dems Defend Constitution For Terrorists, But Trash It For Gun Owners

Back in January, when Sen. Ted Cruz was a presidential candidate, he introduced S.247, the Expatriate Terrorist Act, which has all but died in committee. The ACLU and other liberal organizations decried this as trampling the 14th Amendment and “due process.” Yet despite the ACLU opposing using terror “watchlists” to deny gun purchases, Democrats want to press forward with squashing that particular Constitutional right.

Cruz’s bill would amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to clarify what expresses an American citizen’s “intent” to relinquish American citizenship. For example, pledging allegiance to ISIS, or going overseas and meeting with terrorists, or supporting them financially.

The 14th Amendment protects Americans from having their citizenship stripped by the government. But those who ally with terrorists don’t deserve to call themselves Americans. Plus, law enforcement, such as the FBI, needs a tool to stop homegrown terrorist citizens from carrying out “lone wolf” attacks besides simply trying to catch them in the act.

Allowing them to prove the act of relinquishing citizenship and taking their passports goes a long way toward addressing the real problem–radical Islamists recruiting Americans to carry out “lone wolf” attacks on their fellow citizens.

Back in January, liberals trashed Cruz and S.247, saying it “would allow bureaucrats to strip citizenship from U.S. citizens on the dangerously vague grounds of ‘assistance’ to a terrorist group.” But they are A-okay with the same bureaucrats stripping Second Amendment and Sixth Amendment rights from law-abiding citizens so those who assist terrorists can be protected.

Those lawmakers who are camped out on the floor of the House of Representatives, singing Kumbayah and eating smores (or checking Twitter) are hypocrites to the core. They don’t care about American citizens’ rights. They care about politics and looking like they’re some kind of revolutionaries.

They are fools.

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