Did He Help or Hurt? A Bishop Just Freed 226 Syrian Christians From ISIS by Paying $11M in Ransom

Syria is not only dealing with a devastating civil war that’s crippled cities such as Aleppo, they’re also struggling with the rise of the extremist group ISIS. It’s put them in often impossible situations, such as figuring out what to do captives. It’s generally considered undesirable to negotiate deals with terrorists, as it funds further murderous operations – but it also encourages them to continue to use hostages as a revenue source.

On the other hand, fail to do something and it’s likely a death sentence for the captives.

One Bishop was faced with that exact decision and chose to pay the ransom money for 226 Assyrian Christians held hostage by the extremists at $50,000 a head, including a six-year-old little girl.

Christian Assyrians are based in the Middle East and are thought to be one of the first sect’s of the faith to exist in the world and have routinely faced persecution and the Syrian conflict is no exception.

To raise the original $11 million to pay off the terrorists, an action deemed illegal by the American government and the majority of the western world, Assyrian Bishop Mar Afram Athneil had to think about the best steps to handle the situation.

Athnell mulled it over for 72 hours, spoke with the church community across the world before leading the charge in the covert operation to free Parishioners.

The thought about raising the funds seemed daunting but ultimately, they felt necessary. To solicit the funds, the Bishop and others turned to social media but did not reveal that the money would ultimately land in an ISIS bank account.

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