Did Ted Cruz Pay Donald Trump To Do The Birther Attack?

UPDATE: Actually, people familiar with the Cruz campaign say the birther attack is having a small, but measurable negative impact on Cruz’s polling. See here for more details.

I’m sure Ted Cruz did not pay Donald Trump to do the birther attack, but wow is it paying dividends … for Cruz.

Virtually every person in Washington, D.C. who the base of the Republican Party hates, from John McCain to Mitch McConnell, has refused to stand by Cruz. Not only are they not standing by Cruz, but their acolytes are amplifying it by asking why they should. “After all,” they helpfully point out, “Cruz never stood with them.”

In other words, the Washington Republicans the voters hate are the guys who Cruz would not stand with and now the Washington Republicans the voters hate will not stand with Cruz. Sounds like an endorsement to me.

The birther issue is a nonissue. The fact that Republicans in Washington who practically want to make Kenya retroactively the 51st state to get rid of any question about Barack Obama are using this against Ted Cruz only helps Ted Cruz prove he is the legitimate outsider. It comes at a time Rand Paul and Marco Rubio are both trying to show that Washington hates them too.

Like all the attacks on Donald Trump only helping Trump, this attack does nothing but help prove Ted Cruz’s bona fides as an outsider willing to fight all the unpopular yahoos in Washington, D.C. Donald Trump did Ted Cruz a real favor.

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