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“DIE, NAZI!” College Republican Trump Supporter Brutally Assaulted In DC

In a brutal incident partially captured on camera , Trump supporter and Chairman of the Washington State College Republicans James Allsup was assaulted last night by multiple anti-Trump protesters associated with the left-wing extremist coalition referred to as “Antifa” (Anti Facism). In the video of the incident, a masked agitator comes up behind Allsup and steals his Make America Great Again hat, despite being warned multiple times to back off. (Warning: Graphic language in video)

Mr. Allsup was able to retrieve his hat, and the video ends there, but according to his Twitter feed, the real drama started after the camera had stopped rolling:


Allsup says that the guy who stole his hat was ultimately arrested for punching a police officer, and has posted a photo of his hospital release papers as proof of the incident on his Twitter feed.


The Resurgent reached out to James Allsup, but did not hear back in time. This story may be updated throughout the day.

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