DNC’s Keith Ellison: Holocaust Jews and Illegal Mexicans Same-Same

‘A man is known by the company he keeps’  Aesop

This past Monday at an Minnesota DACA support rally, Rep. Keith Ellison D-MN and the Democratic National Committee Deputy Chairman compared the deportation of illegal immigrants in America to the over 6 million Jews murdered during the German Holocaust. (Daily Caller)

“And if you ask yourself what would I do if I was a gentile in 1941, if my Jewish neighbors were under attack by the by the Nazis? Would I give them sanctuary? You might be about to find out what you would do.” Ellison said. “Will you pass that moral test, or will you fail it? This is the time for people who truly have faith and belief in their hearts to step up and demonstrate.”

A very close compatriot of Keith Ellison is Louis Farrakhan. Mr. Farrakhan is a despicable rabble rouser who’s only reason for living is to promote black superiority through Islam. (NY Times)

In the speech Sunday, as recorded by a reporter for The Sun-Times, Mr. Farrakhan gave his version of biblical history and, in a recurring theme, accused Jews of rewriting the Bible to depict themselves as God’s chosen people. In reality, he said, black Americans are the chosen of God. Mr. Farrakhan, while denying he made the offending remark about Judaism, acknowledged that he had referred to the creation of the state of Israel as ”an outlaw act.” Mr. Farrakhan, 51 years old, said that his duty, as taught by Elijah Muhammad, a founder of the Black Muslim sect, was to ”expose the wickedness and lay it bare” so that ”the people of this earth will never again be deceived by those who come in the name of God, cloaking themselves in the robes of God, but are in fact members of the synagogue of Satan.” (Emphasis added)

 Rep. Ellison is a rabid pro-Palestine anti-semite. Like his friend and mentor, Louis Farrakhan, Israel and Jews in particular have no place on this Earth. Keith Ellison has tried to deny this, but when CNN proves you wrong, that’s an uphill climb. (CNN)

Ellison continued to defend Farrakhan against accusations of anti-Semitism throughout the 1990s. “Minister Farrakhan is a role model for black youth,” wrote Ellison in an Insight News op-ed in 1995. “He is not an anti-Semite.” When the then-executive director of The Minneapolis Initiative Against Racism, Joanne Jackson, came under fire in 1997 for allegedly saying during a forum that Jews are the most racist white people she knows and that she did not think Farrakhan was a racist, Ellison, who identified by his religious name of Keith Ellison-Muhammad, defended her, saying, “She is correct about Minister Farrakhan. He is not a racist. He is also not an anti-Semite.”
What Ellison seems to be intimating is he believes protecting illegal aliens from arrest and deportation is equally comparable to German citizens protecting Jews from genocidal murder in Nazi Germany. If not, why use that example?

Actually, it was how he prefaced this analogy that made this so very odious. (Daily Caller)

“Three million DACA recipients live with someone who is a citizen of the United States. Add that to the people who work with a DACA recipient. Add that to the people of are the parents of a DACA recipient. Add that to people who are parents of American citizens. You’re literally talking about over 100 million Americans who are in some way…way more than 100 million..maybe well over that..who are deeply connected to people who have immigrated to the United States. Some with official papers, some with not. So, this is not someone else’s fight, this is all of our fight. But some people are in the bulls eye and others of us are not exactly the target, therefore it is our responsibility to stand up and fight and do the right thing. And I’m going to tell you right now, I’m one of the people who believes we should give our neighbors sanctuary.”

This is simple math to Mr. Ellison. There are millions upon millions of illegal aliens in the U.S., compared to only 6 million Jews were persecuted, deported and suffered annihilation. What’s 6 million Jews to 11 million or more illegal aliens? Answer: Same same.

This is a prime-time Class A  example of how very inconsequential Israel and the Jewish people are to men such as Rep. Keith Ellison and Louis Farrakhan. What they’ve exposed is what lies in their hearts. We have to ask ourselves:

“How can men who want nothing more than the destruction of Israel, care about the genocidal murder of a mere 6 million?”

The answer is they don’t. They deceitfully use statistics to equate illegal activity to an existential world crisis. This would be a good time for someone to stand up and ask:

Sir, have you no shame?

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