Protesters fill the street during a women's march that brought tens of thousands Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017, in Seattle. Women across the Pacific Northwest marched in solidarity with the Women's March on Washington and to send a message in support of women's rights and other causes. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

Do Not Give In to the Tantrum

In Gwinnett County, Georgia, a local county commissioner called Congressman John Lewis a “racist pig” on his personal Facebook page after Lewis called President Trump illegitimate and refused to attend his inauguration. The commissioner subsequently apologized. But since that day, leftwing protestors have taken to showing up at commission meetings to take over the public speaking time, often dragging meetings out by two hours, and heckling/fake coughing any time the commissioner speaks. Lawyers are now harassing him by filing ethics complaints. The leftwing activists will not accept his apology and threaten to continue their disruptions until he resigns. This is a reflection of what is happening nationally.

Around the nation, the left is engaged in protest now for the sake of protest. Their protests are not persuading anyone but are designed to keep leftwing activists engaged, aggrieved, and ready for 2018. But Republicans in Washington are starting to worry. In addition to now fearing for their own safety because of the protestors, some Republicans would throw them a bone or cave. I suspect these are the same ones with the children we read about in tabloids.

If that commissioner in Georgia or the Republicans in Washington give in to the protestors, the protests will only get worse.

When a child wants candy or a toy and his parents do not give it to him, he might throw a temper tantrum and throw himself on the floor, screaming, kicking, and pounding his fists. If his parents then relent, he will know immediately to pull that stunt every time he does not get his way.

The same is true with leftwing agitators. If Republicans give them an inch, they will find more and more waves of protests with greater and greater demands. In Wisconsin, when the left did this, Republicans worried about their re-election chances and recall efforts. But the anger of the leftwing protestors only strengthened the resolve of the average Wisconsin voter not to reward the bad behavior. Republicans held their own.

That may very well happen again. Redistricting presently works in the GOP’s favor. The protestors tying up traffic, smashing windows, and disrupting local government meetings are only making people mad at them. Republicans should not yield and may very well reap a reward for not giving in to the tantrums.

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