Do What Is Right, Not What Is Easy

In the next week, Hillary Clinton will spend $13 million on advertising in battleground states. Donald Trump will spend zero. Clinton will make repeated visits to Ohio, Pennsylvania, and other swing states while Trump will just return to Ohio for the first time since March. After the Supreme Court’s decision in the Texas abortion case, Hillary Clinton was quick to praise it. Donald Trump offered up silence online and off.

The Republican Party has gotten itself into the Trump mess by continually doing what is easy. It was easy to whip people up on calls to defund Obamacare and it was easy to then break those promises in the name of being liked by the press. It was easy to pass off the fight against Obama to the federal courts. It was easy to give the President a blank check for a year to raise the national debt instead of fighting him. It was easy to throw Ted Cruz under the bus instead of weathering a government shutdown to defund Obamacare.

It is also easy to stay the course and hand Donald Trump the Republican nomination. The man who could not top 41% of the Republican vote before Cruz and Kasich dropped out and then only won 44% has 52% of Republicans now wanting him replaced. It would be easy to stay the course, lose in November, play the blame game, and rebuild.

But it would not be right.

As we saw in the Supreme Court today, lives are on the line. As we saw in the Supreme Court last week, amnesty is on the line. As we see overseas, the threats against us are rising. It would be easy to stay the course with Donald Trump, but doing so will imperil the lives of more children and our national security because Donald Trump is going to lose to Hillary Clinton.

My friend Leon Wolf noted yesterday that Trump has “spent more time defending the honor of his dumb Make America Great Again hats than he’s spent defending the unborn in his whole life.”

After proposing a ban on all muslims coming into the country back in December, his spokesman when on CNN today to claim he had never proposed that, but rather just an immigration ban from countries with terrorist ties. Then Hope Hicks came out and denied that denial. The campaign continues to be in disarray and is run by CrazyTown USA.

Republicans always stare victory in the face and run away seeing the obstacles between them. But the GOP now needs to do what is right and ditch Donald Trump as their nominee. It will be painful. It will not guarantee victory against Clinton. But it will improve the odds that the party survives and give the party a fighting chance against Hillary Clinton.

Continued support for Donald Trump is just support for Hillary Clinton by proxy.

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