DOE Swamp Bureaucracy Believes In Nothing At All, But This One Thing…

Saving their own jobs is what some Department of Energy employees believe in. Once they realized that President Trump was going to happen, first they cried. Then they opened up the memory hole and began shoveling.

At least that’s what one DOE employee said–anonymously identified as “Laura” and voiced by an actress–on the podcast “This American Life.”

According to producer David Kestenbaum, merrily they were “going through all their internal documents that describe ongoing projects and just scrubbing them, deleting the parts where it says ‘and here’s how this can help us combat climate change.”

From the Daily Caller:

This “renewable energy program, now it’s a jobs program,” Kestenbaum added. “Most federal projects have a reason for their existence, why draw attention to something by putting the words ‘climate change’ in the description.”

Yeah, a jobs program for the people at the DOE.

It was leaked that Trump’s transition team wanted names of people who worked on “social cost of carbon” estimates or attended UN climate summits. That “left many in our workforce unsettled,” said the bureaucrats. And former Texas Gov. Rick Perry is no fan of carbon taxes and excessive oil regulation.

All this fear and loathing. The Trump transition disclaimed the scary memo. But it’s more important for bureaucrats to keep their jobs, so “Laura” decided to stay, having only worked under the our-number-one-enemy-is-global-warming Obama administration.

Listen, I’d be depressed too if I had to work in the James Forrestal Building, which deservedly is in the Pantheon of Brutalist architecture, along with Boston City Hall, the J. Edgar Hoover Building, and half of everything built after WWII in Eastern Europe. But a job is a job, and better to keep it than to believe in what you’re doing.

When inauguration day happened, rumors of “lockdowns” and website scrubbing flew around, but the brave DOE bureaucrats stood firm in the knowledge that they left no mentions of bad words like “climate change” in their files. Liberals and bureaucrats mostly know that big government begats bigger government, and they realize one administration’s “climate change” is another’s “job program.”

It’s how the game is played. They’re really good at being government bureaucrats.

Another federal employee, using the pseudonym Karen, told Kestenbaum some federal employees may use the bureaucracy to slow Trump down.

“Withholding information is one way you slow things down,” Karen said. “The bureaucracy is large, there’s a lot of paperwork, a lot of steps, and people that have been in government a long time understand those steps really well. So, some of those tactics may be used to make things go a lot slower.”

Somehow I don’t think it’s going to work. Ask the folks over at Foggy Bottom.

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